convergence jax coworking cubicles


We offer 4 individual cubicle working spaces for those that want a little more privacy and a little less distraction. These are on a first-come, first-serve basis and offer plenty of room for your laptop and anything else you need.

Convergence JAX Coworking

Open Community Tables

If you like working alongside others in a collaborative format, then our open tables are a great option for you. We have three large tables with 9 seats around to offer that community working environment.

jax coworking space

Modern Design

No matter where you walk throughout our space you will notice that we have implemented contemporary, clean, and warm design. Our goal is to make every spot a desirable place to sit to get your work done.  

jacksonville coworking entryway


As soon as you walk into our space, you will be welcomed by our warm, modern, and inviting front desk area. We’ve taken care to design every detail of our space so that it creates a calming place for you to do your best work.

Jacksonville cafe

The Grind Cafe

If you need to take a break while working to grab a cup of coffee, smoothie, refresher, or treat, you can walk just a few steps over to our in-house coffee shop, The Grind Cafe. Our smiling baristas will be happy to serve you!

convergence jax coworking

Seating Areas

If you like to work in a more relaxed setting, then you might enjoy working at any one of our benches or couches spread throughout the coworking space. Find the nook that works best for your individual taste and needs.

jax coworking conference room

Conference Rooms

Need a private conference room to meet with clients or to hold an educational session? We have two options to choose from, depending on the size you need. Both come fully equipped and ready for video conferencing.